Stephanie Watson Yaeger

R&D Chef

Developing Delicious

Stephanie’s goal was always to work as an R&D Chef. With a unique degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University, Stephanie specializes in lab-based culinary arts that put her at the ground level of developing healthy, balanced, delicious meals.

tomato, pasta, oil, pepper, garlic, and basil

The Science of Taste

Stephanie’s love for food goes beyond the kitchen. It’s the science of finding just the right combination of tasty and life-giving ingredients that keep her motivated. Anyone who knows Stephanie also knows her other love: ice cream. Which is why one of Stephanie’s favorite (and most delicious) jobs has been developing artisan gelato and ice cream.

Beautiful Balance

Stephanie is passionate about developing balanced and nutritional options for consumers to enjoy. It’s what keeps her and her team at Häns Kissle constantly innovating – so more people can taste the simple goodness of a balanced life.