Just like your customers would make. If they had time.

People love classic comfort foods, but they don’t always have time to prepare them. Well, we’re happy to take care of that. And to make sure they can serve our meals as proudly as their own, we use fresh, high-quality ingredients to deliver wholesome goodness and authentic taste.

  prepared foods   available sizes   nutritional information
  7 Layer Mexican Dip       available
  American Chop Suey       available
  Baked Beans       available
Baked Ziti available
  Beef Shepherd’s Pie       available
  Broccoli Quiche       available
  Butternut Squash       available
  Calzone – Chicken Parmesan       available
  Calzone – Italian       available
  Calzone – Meatball       available
  Chicken Parmigiana       available
  Eggplant Parmesan       available
  Herbed Stuffing       available soon
  Macaroni & Cheese       available
  Maple-Glazed Carrots       available
  Meat Lasagna       available
  Meatballs & Sauce       available
  Meatloaf       available
  Quiche Lorraine       available
  Rice Pilaf       available soon
  Roasted Red Bliss Potato       available soon
  Sausage, Pepper & Onion       available
  Spanish Rice       available
  Spinach Quiche       available
  Vegetable Lasagna       available
  White Meat Chicken Pie       available


Every great meal should end
with a great dessert. Or two.
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