When it Comes to Food, We are Committed to Quality and Safety.

At Häns Kissle, we go above and beyond to ensure quality and safety in everything we do.

  • SQF Certified, FSMA-ready facility
  • USDA on-site
  • Welcoming inspections and audits from federal & state agencies, the military, and many customers every year
  • Comprehensive HACCP Programs for all food products, continually reviewed for improvements and best practices
  • Strong environmental monitoring program exceeding industry standards
  • On-site QA & Micro labs to ensure safest-possible food products

We Believe Fresh Food is Better.

At Häns Kissle, we use only the freshest ingredients, while making our food products fresh to order.

  • All fresh ingredients arrive each morning and are always produced that same day
  • All items are shipped within 1-2 days of being produced
  • All items pass rigorous Quality and Food Safety checks before shipping