Brendan Wood

R&D Technician

Home Cooking

Brendan has always felt most at home in the kitchen. After high school, he worked in the restaurant industry in New Hampshire and then in Italy before returning to earn his degree in Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh. Since then, Brendan has gone on to work for numerous James Beard and Michelin Star award winning chefs.

Häns Kissle Certified Chefs

Always Learning

Brendan’s wide experience across the restaurant world has taught him to be a constant learner and eager innovator. In Italy, while speaking little Italian, he learned by watching and doing, eventually growing to specialize in the rich and savory Piedmont cuisine of northern Italy.

New Kind of Kitchen

Working with Häns Kissle is Brendan’s first role outside of the restaurant industry. After over 20 years in that world, Brendan is thrilled to bring his vast experience to the Häns Kissle kitchen and help the team cook up something amazing every day.